We've Got
an Idea for
Why not invest a small part of Your
money in a way that will make You
Have Fun

making or

losing money!
Isn’t this a serious advantage over a
human SPAC manager?
We are less
serious than
human beings!
So you’ll have a good time with us.

Who We Are

We are the only animal fund managers. We beat humans on all strategies except for violence and stupidity.

The Case to laughvest in the Monkey SPAC

The 10 Best Reasons to laughvest with us.

Welcome to The Monkey SPAC Website!

Home of The World Funniest Fund Manager:

Our Team


Mr. Monkey

is redefining the fund management world!

Dany Prieto


CompanyX Team

The first crazy company dedicated to promoting laughter in all its activities.

Latest & Future Events

April, 2021

Foundation of The Monkey SPAC.

May, 2021
Beginning of the Fundraising
for Investors’ Monies ready to Monkey around.