About The Monkey SPAC

We want to be the Funniest of Your expenses. We do not know whether the money You will provide to Mr. Monkey’s SPAC may be called an investment, or not!

Maybe it will just have been spent for Fun, but at least, You will laugh.

Despite the fact that the Monkey SPAC will soon be a legitimately established investment SPAC consider putting only a small amount of money in. Effectively, the selection process relies on mathematical theories that have never been properly tested.

Our Delirium Team

Red Flu

has the nose for finding good investments but does not use it because of his flu!

Furious White
is certainly a good advisor but does not advise anybody because he is upset to have been woken up.
Mad Chimp
does not want to listen to anybody not bringing him bananas along. His moto is ‘I don’t care about money because I can’t eat it’

You can learn more about the First Animal-Run and Humoristic SPAC !

Seriousness & Avarice Strictly Forbidden in this area. Laughter is mandatory!

Our Skills

We can make You laugh under any circumstances.
While if You think about it carefully, financial humans tend to make You sad, cry or depressed.

We do not bullshit You.
Under full disclosure and in full bona fide, we tell You right away that we do not know anything about finance. But we have one question for You: can we do worse than humans do to You and Your capital ?

Why Us